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TOPICS 2003/08/03

New figure disclosing

My first garage kit
1/12scale, Work code is "CF29-05"
"Lum / Electric Jungle"
5 works(Mark 1 to 5) disclosed all.
Electric Garden

TOPICS 2002/05/25

I participated Shizuoka Hobby Shaw

I participated the Shizuoka Hobby Shaw that held 18-19 May in
Twin-Messe Shizuoka as a member of @Nifty Modeling Forum.
I displayed 2 figures including 1/12 scale new work.
I had joyfull 2 days.
Hobby Show 2002 Report

TOPICS 2001/11/17

Under making new figure

1/10scale, Work code is "RF-AC01"
false title " Japanese Woman"
Although I had a schedule of exhibition as a finished work to
2001 @NIFTY modeling forum exhibition,
it was displayed as a incomplete work,
by the change of schedule hurriedly.
So, now it is under making.

Refering my modeling dialy recorded since 1981 summer, I'll disclose the middle of the scale models and character models that produced in the past and making works gradually.
I was crazy for computers mid 10 years, I came backed to modeling world in 1996. But I'm sad that I have few time for modeling, because busy for making Pages and making new tools etc...

Figure Models
(2003/08/03 renewal)
I am Lum Daccha!
Military Models
(Now Making)
Full scratched power models
Anime Scales
(Now Making)
Look the activation of the infinity power
RMS TITANIC Making Room(J)
(1999/09/10 Open)
Foundation stone of eternal love
Figures Making Data Mansion
(2002/10/06 Open)
Howto build my first garage kit
Photograph studio(J)
(2000/02/29 Open)
Macro Shooting Introduction
"Modeling" Link Page
(2002/07/17 renewal)

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